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With a particular focus on sailing vessels and multi-hulls, we provide a range of services for motor and sail yachts, including individualized instruction, to facilitate the enjoyment and security of your yacht. Partnership with select marine professionals, and long personal association with some of the world’s top designers and builders gives us direct access to information and assistance to resolve the thorniest issues.
We can help you get the most enjoyment from your sailing.

Delivery & Outfitting: Capt. Philippe Sée has over thirty-five years and over 200,000 miles of ocean sailing experience, primarily aboard race multi-hulls. SaiLogic can provide a variety of delivery services for motor and sail yachts, from simple consultation to complete point-to-point ocean delivery with a USCG licensed captain and carefully selected crew. Close association with designers and builders, as well as extensive yacht construction and repair experience, ensure a positive process.

Race/Logistics Support: When you need a shore team to assist yacht movements or repairs, SaiLogic can provide experienced personnel to get the job done quickly and smoothly. We can assist with commercial port loading and unloading, transportation and lodging, repair and rigging.

Rigging Survey: Regular inspection of your rig is important to keeping your yacht safe. We closely inspect every part of your mast, rigging, and sail-handling gear, and provide a detailed report, including appropriate suggestions for security, ease of sail handling, and longevity of gear. We can also provide rig tuning, maintenance and repair, as well as hardware servicing.

Instruction: Get the most enjoyment from your yacht, feel comfortable with all your motor and sail handling, and confident with your navigation. Cruise the way you want to. Personalized, ASA certified instruction, from basic boat handling to passage-making, will get you where you want to go safely and pleasurably.


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